TV/Media Drivers for Network Attached Storage


Want to watch Live TV over your home network without the use of a power hungry PC? Do you have a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device? If so, this is the project you’ve been looking for!

The MediaDeviceDrivers project supplies up to date Linux kernel media drivers (aka drivers/media) to an assortment of NAS devices. This allows you to use multimedia devices, such as USB television tuners, on your NAS to watch and record Live TV anywhere!

MediaDeviceDrivers is a hardware enablement support package. After installation of this package on a supported NAS, all other installed applications can access the multimedia devices connected, in a Linux standard way. For example, if MediaDeviceDrivers was installed, then a two tuner Hauppauge DualHD was attached to the NAS, both tuners would become immediately visible and accessible. This would instantly allow apps like Plex Media Server, Emby, TVHeadend, and others to seamlessly stream, over the home network, Live TV and act as networked Digital Video Recorders (DVR). That means no more always-on, power hungry PC required to have a whole home DVR solution! Any NAS application that supports multimedia devices on desktop Linux will be able to access them the same way after installing MediaDeviceDrivers.

Note: Since MediaDeviceDrivers is simply a hardware enabling application, you must separately install Plex Media Server, Emby, TVHeadend, or another software package, which will then provide the services to stream and record LiveTV. MediaDeviceDrivers has been well tested globally with Plex Media Server.

The following television protocols are currently enabled:

    • Clear QAM
    • ATSC (over the air)
    • DVB-C
    • DVB-T
    • DVB-T2

Current enabled and supported products from Hauppauge:

    • Hauppauge DualHD
    • Hauppauge SoloHD
    • HVR-935
    • HVR-955Q
    • HVR-975
    • More to come!

Currently supported NAS are:

    • Western Digital NAS
      • MyCloud PR2100
      • MyCloud PR4100
      • MyCloud EX2Ultra
      • WDMyCloud EX2100
      • WDMyCloud EX4100

Besides the Hauppauge products listed above, any device using the following drivers *should* also work:

    • em28xx (USB bridge)
    • cx231xx (USB bridge)
    • lgdt3306a (ATSC/QAM demodulator)
    • si2168 (DVB demodulator)
    • si2157 (tuner)

MediaDeviceDrivers utilizes’s media_build system to produce back ported drivers. All supplied drivers are the latest versions from the mainline Linux kernel. Pulling drivers from mainline Linux ensures the widest array of devices are always supported. All code is Open Source.

Support and source code for the project can be found on gitlab and github:

General project issues or those pertaining to Hauppauge products will be handled directly on the above URL’s. Problems with other manufacturers equipment will be triaged and reported upstream.

Questions about general Linux support of a product should be directed to the devices manufacturer.

The project is sponsored by Hauppauge Computer Works.

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